I’m Cindy Swiech… artist since birth, Certified Personal Trainer since my 60th birthday, certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and Gramma to two of the cutest munchkins in the world.  That’s me on the right wearing my favorite shirt.  Sorry ladies…the handsome guy on the left is taken by my gorgeous, loving, perfect daughter-in-law, smiling there in the middle!

(Update!  As of July, I now have TWO gorgeous, loving, perfect daughters-in-law!)

In December of 2016 my world came to a screeching halt with the words, “It’s cancer.”

Not you’ve got cancer, sweetie.

Not I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news…..

Just it’s cancer!  Like being thrown into  a tank of ice water.  It’s cancer.

Wait…what? This can’t be right.  I’m a trainer, for heaven’s sake.  I exercise.  I eat the right foods.  I sleep…  well,that’s debatable since menopause…  but I’m playing by the rules, aren’t I?

In this blog I’ll tell my story of survival.  I hope that it will resonate with you, who may be going through a battles of your own.  I’ll talk about things I’ve learned, not only since my cancer diagnosis, but in life as it’s unfolded for me.  Having passed the 60 year mark, I’ve experienced physical and mental changes that have shifted my former kick-ass training routine to one that’s a bit more forgiving.  I’ve also had a whole lot of good times along the way!

I’ll share exercise  and nutrition tips (menopause belly, anyone?) and maybe throw in some relaxing creative activities just for fun.  You’ll meet some of the people I’ve encountered and learned from.  I look forward to hearing from you, too, if you’d like to share your stories!

You can expect to see these posts about once per week, or at very least every other week.

Holding your breath already, aren’t you?

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