Do you ever want to run away somewhere and hide from everything, as if that will make all the bad stuff magically disappear?

Sometimes I feel that way, though I don’t think I have any right to.

My cancer was diagnosed in the early stages.  I had ample insurance coverage and medical care.  I was and continue to be blessed with loving, supportive family.

Whether it’s a blessing or not, I have a fighting spirit.

But if the tables were turned, if the disease had spread, if I couldn’t afford that medical team, would I feel the same?  Would I still want to fight?

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Am I the only one here who sleeps with a fan going year round?

Anyone else standing by open windows in January?  Shedding clothes in the supermarket line?

Can I get a show of hands if you’re blotting sweat from your face when all you did was…well…nothing?

Anyone else changing soaked bed sheets in the middle of the night?

Welcome to the wonderful world of menopause, be it natural or forced.

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It has to be around here somewhere, hidden among stacks of papers,  photos and slides that tell the story of your life.

You must have been in your early twenties when those beach pictures were taken.  You were so young and beautiful, smiling in your shorts and tied up shirt. Flipping through them, I can almost feel the summer sun and sand on my skin.

There are black and white snapshots of you and Dad in the early days of your marriage, beginning with your wedding day and then holding your babies.  Dad had hair that seemed to get thinner as more of us came along.

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