January 24, 2017

My head is cold!  How do short-haired guys tolerate this winter weather?

After a few very short weeks of wondering when it would happen, hair started falling out in clumps.  Taking a proactive stance, I had it shaved today.  Not chrome dome.  More like stubble bubble.

Thought I’d be ready for it.  I’m not.

Ah well,  no turning back now.  Might as well give this new wig a test drive….

So I stopped at the gym for a quick workout on my way home.  If it can survive that, casual wear will be a breeze.

A quick glance in the mirror, pretending to check my form, confirmed that it was “mostly” still in place.  Maybe a little sideways. OK, more than a little.

Is anyone looking?  Lots of people on those cardio machines.  Did they notice?  I don’t think so.

Act normally.

Not being used to wearing anything on my head, I found that, aside from the slippage, it was a bit hot but strategically placed ventilation allowed some air flow.

Not saying I liked it, but it’s doable.

A girl I haven’t seen in a while commented that she liked my new ‘do.”  LOL

When Hubby saw me, he was more taken aback by the wig than by the fact that there was no hair under there.  He just said that he’d get used to it and wrapped me in a big old hug.

Do you think I can get away with never showing him my baldness?  The man’s seen me naked, for God’s sake.  This is just naked from the neck up, right?

January 30, 2017

Brilliant sunshine broke through this cold, miserable January day, lifting my spirits and filling me with anticipation of warmer days ahead, cancer treatments reduced to a memory. It will be a while, but I can feel it coming!

An amaryllis growing in the light afforded by our deck door, for me, symbolizes the possibility of these brighter times.  It was given to me at Christmas by my son and his girlfriend and I’m marking it’s startlingly fast growth in beer cans.  It’s a size comparison we can relate to, roughly six inches in height and it lends a touch of humor to my day.

I feel a bit weird the evening after infusions and for the next few days, but usually by Tuesday afternoon it feels like someone flips a switch and I’m back in the land of the living.  Thank God for that…I can only lay on the couch watching TV  for so long.

Various effects of chemo have ranged from queasiness and fatigue to the latest…runny nose and watery eyes.  What the…?  Can’t keep eye makeup in place to save my life!

Trying to maintain my weight and stay strong during treatments, I’ve contacted a registered dietitian who works with breast cancer patients and is herself a personal trainer.  I’m hoping she’ll be able to guide me with exercise intensity as well as how to eat during all this.  I know I’ll lose weight if I continue doing interval training, so will have to skip that for now.  Also cut upper body training because port incision is STILL not healed!

My senses of smell and taste have been effected and my appetite isn’t what it used to be, so I have to pack calories in where I can.

Hello, peanut butter!

The smell of our usual laundry soap nauseates me, as does the scent of the hand soap I loved when I bought it.

That heavenly aroma of fresh brewing coffee wafting into morning dreams is now more the work of demons.

Really?  Coffee?  I love coffee!

Hubby is brewing his morning Joe in the laundry room so I don’t have to smell it!

And when did pooping become a challenge?

I don’t want to kill anyone’s taste for the chocolate covered caramel confection, but “Milk Dud Poops” is the best description I can come up with.

Dulcolax is my new best friend.  Sheesh.

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