As another year comes to an end, I wonder where it went.

How did it pass so quickly?  Wasn’t it just yesterday when the long winter finally broke and daffodils were blooming?

Weren’t we just swatting mosquitos on balmy summer evenings?

Here we are again, watching snow pile up and bracing against cold winds.

Globally and nationally, there were natural disasters, acts of cruelty and terror. There was also heroism and compassion.

Politics was politics as usual. I try to ignore it, scrolling past political rants in favor of cute kittens and baby pictures.

It was a year full of family gatherings, celebrations of life and  of lives that ended too soon.

Why does it always seem too soon?

We felt both heartache and love as friends and family came together to say their last farewells to dear ones who live on only in our hearts.  What wouldn’t we give for just one more Christmas with them?  What special gift would we give them?  If only we could wrap them in a hug and, perhaps selfishly, feel them return the embrace.

We pray that they are at peace and rejoicing in the arms of their Creator.

This year we danced the night away as we celebrated two people joined in love.

What will their futures hold?  Will the years be kind?  Will these two, so deeply in love, take time to savor the little moments along the way or will they look back one day, as I am, wondering where the time went?

We pray they are blessed with many years together, enjoying good health and prosperity. May they cherish each other in old age as they do in youth.  May they look back on their years with joy and love.

We welcomed precious new babies into the world, sometimes rocking them gently, sometimes wishing they’d just stop crying and go to sleep.

The baby we’re holding will be a teenager before we know it.  Payback will be sweet when we have to wake him for school or work, but pales in comparison to the love filling our hearts when he finally drifts off, tiny fingers curled around ours.

Then, in what seems like a heartbeat, we drop him off at college and cry the whole way home.  We’ll send care packages, stuffed with cookies, new socks and maybe some toiletries, but, mostly we’re sending love.

When she chases her dreams to a far-away place, we choke back tears, waving good-bye at the airport.  Will she be safe?  Will that new job fulfill expectations?  Will she come home for the holidays? Will she have enough clean underwear?

Better send a care package….

This past year I watched my grandsons grow into toddlerhood, running all over the house, talking up a storm and letting their little personalities shine!  I know it won’t be long before they leave their parents’ home to make their way in life and I want to keep them little forever.

Love makes it hard to let go.

I wonder…do I want to keep them little or avoid growing older myself?

In 2018 I was blessed to celebrate one year since chemo and surgery.  I continue to grow stronger as my body heals from the onslaught.

I’ve met or talked with numerous people dealing with cancer and other serious illnesses, some recently diagnosed, some long past treatments and celebrating their own milestones.  I was awestruck  by the way whey embrace life with optimism and faith  in spite of sometimes grim prognoses.

They shared stories of triumph and sometimes of spouses or children whose battles were lost. Stories of love, stories of the joys they knew and of the peace we pray they’ve found.

I hope that as you look back on the past year, you feel blessed for what’s happened in your life and that you look forward to what the future holds.

As we once again brace against cold winter winds, may your hearts and homes be warm with the laughter of friends and family.  Whatever holiday you celebrate, may you feel peace and deep joy, knowing that no matter what the future holds, you are loved.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I love to read your posts! The way you write brings vivid pictures to my mind, I can feel your grandbabies fingers curled around mine and see them sweetly dreaming. You are such a sweet & loving person. Praying your Christmas was lovely and the New Year brings nothing but health and happiness for you.

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