Do you ever want to run away somewhere and hide from everything, as if that will make all the bad stuff magically disappear?

Sometimes I feel that way, though I don’t think I have any right to.

My cancer was diagnosed in the early stages.  I had ample insurance coverage and medical care.  I was and continue to be blessed with loving, supportive family.

Whether it’s a blessing or not, I have a fighting spirit.

But if the tables were turned, if the disease had spread, if I couldn’t afford that medical team, would I feel the same?  Would I still want to fight?

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What’s your favorite color?

Blue?  Which blue?  Can you choose between the clear, perfect blue of a summer sky and the angry hues of a stormy ocean?  What about the brilliant turquois hues of that same ocean once the storm has passed?

Green?  Do you prefer the fresh yellow greens of spring or autumn’s rich olives and ochers?

Compare the deep velvety colors of a rose to the brilliant red of that stoplight you just ran through.  (Or lights on the police car chasing you!)

By now we all know that there are at least 50 shades of gray!

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