What’s your favorite color?

Blue?  Which blue?  Can you choose between the clear, perfect blue of a summer sky and the angry hues of a stormy ocean?  What about the brilliant turquois hues of that same ocean once the storm has passed?

Green?  Do you prefer the fresh yellow greens of spring or autumn’s rich olives and ochers?

Compare the deep velvety colors of a rose to the brilliant red of that stoplight you just ran through.  (Or lights on the police car chasing you!)

By now we all know that there are at least 50 shades of gray!

Maybe it’s the artist in me but I can’t decide on just one!  I’ve committed to one man (poor devil!)  Must I limit myself  to one color?

October, however, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Pink will reign supreme as the favorite color in honor of all women who are battling this beast, those who have fought and won and those who have lost their battles.

Love it or hate it, pink will show up everywhere.   It will be featured on jewelry and accessories, housewares and even NFL uniforms. The iconic pink ribbon will appear on all types of products and be used in various advertising campaigns. It is said to help generate funding for organizations involved in research and support of survivors and to raise awareness.

But does really it do all that?

While it started out as a good idea, there is some controversy over exactly how much awareness is raises.

Cancer is pretty much in everyone’s face already.  With about one in eight American women being diagnosed with breast cancer over the course of their lifetimes, everyone knows someone currently fighting or who has succumbed to the disease.  One after another, after another, we watch them fall.

We are all too aware.

You may be wondering who gets how much of that pink item purchase price.  The answer is…. it depends.

We all love to think that our money is going to support survivors and their families and fund research that will ultimately lead to a cure.  Since it’s been adopted by various corporate campaigns, though, many question how much is used for these purposes and how much pads the company bankrolls.

How many corporations claim to support breast cancer research but  produce and sell products known to be carcinogenic?

When you take part in a “pink walk” does the money raised by you and your enthusiastic supporters go where you want it to go?

If you support screenings, is your financial support going to provide them to under served populations?  Is it going to develop new, safer and more efficient technology?  What about crippling medical expenses after diagnosis?

Are you in favor of a cleaner environment and healthier food sources?  Does the organization you donate to share your goals or contribute to making things worse?

For a bit of history on the pink ribbon, it’s many shades and how to decide who deserves your donation, check out Think Before You Pink.

That being said, if you’re on the fence about purchasing a “Redefining Strong” t-shirt, rest assured that 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Network of Western New York,    a mainly volunteer-run organization that exists to support individuals affected by breast cancer.  Shirts are only $20 and you can purchase through this blog (contact me by email) or through Absolute Fitness and Wellness, LLC.  or call them at 716 866-9012.  If you don’t want a shirt but want to donate to BCNWNY, you can do so at their website link above. 

Subscribe to this blog, like and share on social media and be entered to win one, too!  Contact me with desired size.

I’m only a humble blogger and trainer.  AF is not a huge corporation by any stretch of the imagination, but we want to help this very worthy cause as best we can.

This shirt was designed by me and worn by my “team” of family and friends when I underwent breast cancer treatments in 2017.

Do my brothers rock those shirts or what?!?

I’m hoping it will help you or your loved one feel supported and loved , as I did when they wore it.

To me, that’s what’s important.  That’s “Why Pink.”

Thank you!


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