It’s said that, in sharing stories, people form a bond of friendship, though they may be worlds apart.  Going through life’s changes and challenges I found talking with and reading about others dealing with similar circumstances was greatly encouraging.  Learning how some people live with greater challenges than I can imagine has been downright humbling.  We can share in each other’s joys and sorrows through simple written words, and connect when we can’t be together.

Someone asked why I write this blog.  Why do I want to tackle the “easy to install, even for beginners” technology?

A breast cancer diagnosis in 2016 threw a wrench into a lot of my plans, but has also shown me a whole new world.   Nobody wants to hear “It’s cancer,” but in a strange way, I’ve come to look at the experience as a blessing.  You can meet the nicest people in chemo.   Tireless nurses and dedicated docs, as well as other patients, who somehow maintain cheerful optimism despite their personal challenges, are all inspiring.  People at the gym who have gone through it themselves or know someone who has, offer encouragement and hugs.  At the GYM!  I remain awestruck at the number of girls who share their experiences and support me through my ordeal.

My husband, my “rock” on earth, is the most selfless person I’ve ever known.  I’ve been blessed to be his wife for almost 39 years and, God willing, to continue to be a thorn in his side for a long, long time!  Lol.

My kids, their spouses, my siblings and friends all “circle the wagons” to make sure I’m taken care of and loved.

Tearing up right now…in a good way.

I have angels in my life, who’ve made the challenging times easier and add  so much fun to the happy times that I can’t help but smile just thinking of them!

When a friend suggested I blog about my experiences,  I thought about it briefly but went into idle mode.  Who would read it?  I know nothing about getting started.  Seems like it would take up a LOT of time.  All the excuses in the world.

Now, a little over one year post-treatment, I’ve finally decided it’s time to share, in hopes that someone going through their own struggles will find encouragement.  Hopefully, someone will be inspired to carry on, live life and chase dreams, determined not to let the beast that is cancer kill their spirit.

And so we begin.